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The Harris Family
Robertsdale, Alabama

Always ready to "RATTLE some CATTLE"!

We will update this page when pups are available.

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These are high-energy clever and active dogs.  Not content with sitting around the house for hours on end, Blue Heelers will encourage you to take them outside for exercise, play and work.  

Blue Heelers like most herders, can be one-person dogs.  They also have a unique independence, not requiring much in the way of cuddling or affection.  though tough and resolute, they will definitely appreciate positive feedback and good treatment.  Sometimes their herding instincts  can suddenly come into play.  They may "herd" family members or nip lightly at heels if they want something.  They don't bark too much, but they are still very protective of the home.  Blue Heelers can be cautious and wary, qualities that make them excellent watchdogs. 

When you need a companion that will work for you, it's hard to beat a genuine Blue Heeler.  We take pride in the generations of cattle dogs we have raised and trained here at Full Moon Cattle.  Check back often as litters become available. 


Blue Heelers are solid, sturdy and compact dogs with an alert, ready-to-work stance.  Slightly longer than tall with curved, hanging tails, they have muscular legs and strong necks and broad, somewhat rounded heads with pointy ears.  Their dense, weather-resistant coats come blue speckled or red speckled - we are partial to the blue!

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